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2018 Fall Season Registration


2018 Information

Welcome to the 2018 Fall Season Registration with the Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club.

The goal of the Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club is to introduce young men and women to the game and traditions of rugby that we, as coaches, have enjoyed so much over the years. The game of rugby is a legendary game that mixes strength, speed and agility. It is a game that will forever welcome athletes of any size and shape. You will find that rugby is similar to sports you’ve played in the past as it involves ball handling, running, kicking and tackling. Successful rugby does require fitness, but first and foremost it requires a person who is ready, willing and able to give it a go.

Rugby is also a social game where people make lasting friendships. Players compete vigorously but leave their difficulties on the field. Traveling and touring has always been a big part of the social aspect of the game. Teams almost always come together after every match for a bit of food and some camaraderie. At home matches, our club will host the visiting team with food and beverages. The club will provide the main dish; players are expected to bring something to contribute (side dish, chips, pop, dessert, etc.).

Throughout the world, people play rugby from grade school through adulthood. We refer to rugby as a “life sport” because men and women continue to participate in rugby long after they leave high school. Today, USA Rugby is made up of several Territorial Unions and 37 Local Area Unions and supports more than 200,000 members. The fastest growth in USA Rugby has been in High School aged clubs. Chicagoland has seen tremendous growth in recent years. If you want to play rugby after high school, it will be available to you in college clubs and in men’s and women’s clubs all around the US and abroad.

Club Information

  • Continuing from Spring 2015 Batavia Rugby Club and Predator Rugby Club have combined to form the Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club.
  • St Charles Rugby Club nfp (Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club) is incorporated as a not for profit club. 
  • The club runs with a minimal balance. All dues are returned to the club in the form of equipment, matches and after match socials. 
  • All Fox Valley Youth Rugby Club coaches are certified with USA Rugby. Coaches are required to receive continuing education credits each year.
  • Games are played on weekdays and weekends. We typically play one to two matches per week. 
  • The 2016 schedule is not finalized. Watch handouts and email for more information. 
  • Home matches will be played at both Primrose and James O. Breen Parks. 
  • Parent meetings will be held after practices begin. Watch for email from 

Athletico Sports Performance Center and Predator Rugby Club

  • Predator Rugby Club works closely with Athletico to set a comprehensive workout plan designed for the sport of rugby, reviewing drills, monitoring fitness levels and providing nutrition information. 
  • Players and families can receive free injury screening at the Athletico facility in St Charles (630-762-1200)


  • Mouth guard – Required and must be worn at all practices and games 
  • Jerseys – the team will supply home and away jerseys 
  • Shorts and Socks – During games, each player must wear team color rugby shorts and team color rugby socks, which can be purchased together from the club for $25-$30. 
  • Shoes – Soccer or football cleats can be worn, provided that you are able to remove the toe cleat. Rugby boots can be purchased from various sources as well. 
  • Optional – Some players elect to purchase headgear and shoulder pads. See your coach for info 

Registration Information

Note:  All Parent(s)/Guardian(s) registering their child/children as well as any Players registering themselves, please note that it's important that you select the correct registration type when asked, "How will you be registering for the 2018 Fall Season."  The next page will be asking this question.  The options for this are "As a Parent/Guardian registering my child/children," or "As a Player registering themselves."  All Players under the age of 18, must have a Parent/Guardian register them. Players over the age of 18 may register themselves.  If you do notice that you may have selected the incorrect registration type you can simply Delete your order entry and start the registration process over by selecting the option, "Delete my Entry," which will be located on the Review page.  It's important that everyone registers correctly.  

This registration will allow you to provide contact information and sign consents.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.


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